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Manufacture, Supply and Install

We manufacture the famous Diamond roller shutter doors in all sizes required.
We customize designs to the needs and requirements of individual clients.
We install all our products.

Repair and Maintain

Diamond Doors is a specialist in the repair and maintenance of our own as well as other brands of roller doors.
We offer special maintenance contracts to ensure that your roller doors are always in a pristine condition to forestall mechanical problems before they become costly disasters.
Our Products

Diamond Doors manufactures and supplies roller shutter doors that include:

� Push-Up Operation
This type of door is suitable for relatively small openings which are operated by use of lifting handles fitted to the bottom rail.

Chain Operation
Larger doors of between 7.5 � 25 square meters that can be operated mechanically by an endless chain through a spur reduction gear fitted to the spring loaded barrel.

� Gear Operation
A manually operated reduction gearbox can be installed in place of the endless chain. It operates by a crank handle and is used in most applications. Generally this type of gearbox is employed on doors not exceeding 25 square meters.

� Electrical Operation
This type of operation is recommended for large doors in frequent operation.
In the case of electrically operated doors, the supply would include the electrical motor reduction gearbox.
Motors are available in 220Volts, 380Volts and 525Volts.
Many other extra features can also be supplied such as remote controls, security key switches and manual overrides in the event of power failures.

The roller shutter doors are available in a standard galvanized finish but can be powder coated to suit any colour requirements of the client.

Diamond Doors will continue to grow and offer our products and services to the highest quality standards to give you peace of mind.

Our Quality Assurance

The Diamond Doors quality management has been built up systematically over many years, and comprises every aspect of our business. We have an unrelenting quest for excellence and continual improvement. We operate in terms of ISO 9001 principles in compliance with the following criteria:
� Customer focus
� Leadership
� People involvement
� Process approach
� System approach to management
� Continual improvement
� Factual approach to decision making
� Mutually beneficial supplier.


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